This sustainable promotional gift will steal the show for months!

Many promotional gifts are gadgets that are just as fun, but often they quickly end up in the trash. With a BloomsBox you give a really sustainable and healthy promotional gift. And with your own logo or a personal text branded on the Box, you will be in the spotlights for months!

Three reasons to give this cool promotional gift


YOU will be in the picture for months with your own logo

The nice thing about the BloomsBox is that you canlogo can be engraved with your company logo or your own slogan or text.

This way your organization is central for months!

For example, you can wish your relations with the BloomsBox 'a vital start to the year' or 'sustainable growth'. Or thank your colleagues for all their efforts with a 'green oxygen bomb'.


It's super easy and durable

With Blooms out of the Box you don't just give a plant. The durable wooden BloomsBox is not only a safe and sturdy shipping packaging, but also a unique plant pot with water reservoir.

The BloomsBox holds no less than 2 liters of water.

Once every 3 to 4 weeks you refill the Box again and then you can enjoy your green friends again without any worries.


Everyone is happy

Green plants purify the air. That makes the BloomsBox onefry vitality. In addition, green plants provide better humidity and convert CO2 into oxygen.

fromresearch from Wageningen University it also appears that employees feel happier in a green workplace. Green plants reduce absenteeism by an average of 1 day per year and ensure happy employees.

Most ordered promotional gifts

For organizations with a focus on sustainability

The positive effects of a green promotional gift


... AND For this they ordered a BloomsBox ...

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✔️ Promotional gift

✔️ Present for home workers by Covid-19

✔️ Speakers / guests at a conference / symposium

✔️ Dress up event

✔️ For new residents residential or business complex

✔️ Christmas package for business relations

✔️ For new, departing, birthday or anniversary colleagues 


* We are happy to burn your own logo on the BloomsBox for you from a minimum of 10 pieces. With a purchase from 25 pieces you will receiveDISCOUNT

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✔️ -CONGRATULATIONS - (balloons)

✔️ -CONGRATULATIONS - (cottages)

✔️  - THANKS -




* BloomsBoxes with a special message are in stock and can be ordered individually. With a purchase from 25 pieces you will receiveDISCOUNT

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Rochedale housing association

At the beginning of April, we were able to support all 500 Rochdale employees with a BloomsBox.

Within a week they were all sent and there was an enthusiastic response on social media.

Ooh so many reactions! So much fun! Colleagues were very happy and also that it is such a beautiful and sustainable gift.

Thanks for everything! Natascha Dijkstra, Rochdale

Family Union for Family Day Belgium

You will probably have already seen a number of messages on social media. We also receive a lot of thank you messages in our mailbox from the 125 BloomBoxes sent.

Action successful, thank you in advance for the very nice cooperation and I suspect until the next action.

You can certainly use us as a reference, we are very satisfied with the product.

Thank you! Erik Boon, Family Union

a.s.r mortgages

We first had very nice reactions from the colleagues who wanted to send a box. Last week, many colleagues also came to us with the beautiful and sweet reactions they received from the recipients.
The 150 BloomsBoxes were very popular and the recipients were all moved by the unexpected surprise. So they ended up well. Nice that a backorder has come through for you. It is a beautiful product.

Sincerely, Birgit Johansson, asr mortgages