The gift for Care Day 2021

Have you already figured out what you are going to give on the Day of Care? May 12 is the worldwide day when nurses around the world are put in the limelight. This is in memory of the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Now is the time for healthcare institutions to thank employees at all levels of the organization for their efforts with a suitable gift.

Isn't this year pre-eminently the year to give something extra special to all healthcare workers? Something personal? Somethingunique? Somethinggreen? Somethingsustainable? something thatair purifying works?

Did you just say at least 5x YES!?

Then you are talking about the BloomsBox with air-purifying plants . This is a sustainable wooden box full of green plants, which you can personalize and which comes in a sustainable wooden box with an appropriate message on it. This gift for care will be appreciated by every recipient.


A sustainable gift for every healthcare worker

The BloomsBox is not a standard promotional gift that disappears in the trash after a few days. It is a sustainable gift with a lasting attention value of several months. For the Day of Care, laser engraving "You are a Topper!" Is applied to the side of the BloomsBox. A gift that will be appreciated by every care worker.


We selected 2 versions of the BloomsBox with air-purifying plants. The medium version with 2 plants and the BloomsBox large with 3 plants. So we have a gift that fits every budget of every healthcare institution. View the products below and order them directly online or ask for onetailor-made quotation. For larger orders> 500 pieces, please allow a total processing time of up to 2 weeks (from the moment of quotation request or online order). Smaller quantities can even be delivered within 2 days.




1 product

1 product