Christmas promotional gifts

Do you want to surprise your colleagues or business relations this year with the most original, sustainable and (also) literally green Christmas gift? Then give a BloomsBox as a business gift! The Bloomsbox is the green Christmas gift that every relationship will appreciate. This promotional gift will go into the new year after Christmas. This is how your business relationship starts the new year green & healthy..

Do you want to surprise your relationship 2 x? Then choose the BloomsBox with Christmas trees and LED lighting PLUS REFILL! We will send the BloomsBox with Christmas trees and LED lighting in November/December and ensure that your relationship can start the new year green & healthy with the air-purifying plants that we send! This way you can immediately wish your relationship a healthy and good 2022, and your relationship will enjoy your (personalized) BloomsBox even longer!

Send a nice message? We do that as standard! You provide us with the text for the card that we add to. Or you supply your own map that we add for you. We can also add a gift card for you. take it easyContact Contact us if you want to discuss the possibilities.


A Christmas tree as a promotional gift

You can already see the happy faces of relations and employees when they unpack their Christmas tree promotional gift. The Christmas trees come just in time for the cozy winter time. Decorated in the BloomsBox, they are beautiful gifts to look at. Thefestive LED lights in these Christmas trees make this promotional gift completely energy efficient.



Inspiration for a Christmas promotional gift

Are you looking for inspiration for a promotional gift this Christmas? We are happy to brainstorm with you so that your Christmas promotional gifts are appreciated this year. You not only give a healthy promotional gift, but also a lasting gift by ordering a refill. This keeps the message on your BloomsBox visible to the recipient even longer. This makes the BloomsBox Christmas a truly original business gift for your relations. If you have any doubts pleasen contact us on. We are happy to inspire you for Christmas 2021. How about:

The choice is great. What will your Christmas present be this year??


Print your Christmas promotional gift

Do you want to give a printed gift for Christmas? Blooms out of the Box offers many options for printing your business gift. This is possible with 1 of the wishes that we have already come up with. You can even have a Christmas promotional gift printed with your own logo. This way you deliver a lasting gift to your staff, colleagues or relations at Christmas. We engrave the BloomsBox for Christmas in a responsible way with laser engraving, so a lot is possible. Do you have special wishes for printing or is the wish that you want to engrave on the BloomsBox not included in our collection of Christmas promotional gifts?m contact us and we'll see what's possible.

This is our collection of Christmas promotional gifts for 2022

7 Products

7 Products