Contributing to a greener world

We believe it is important to contribute to a greener world. We therefore use as few materials as possible and carefully consider the impact on the environment when choosing materials.

By making conscious choices for the entire product, we contribute to a green and sustainable world. For example, at Blooms out of the Box we use the following materials:

  • The BloomsBox is made of FSC certified pine wood. By also using the shipping packaging as a pot, you can make optimum use of the box and prevent unnecessary packaging waste.
  • The inner lining of theBloomsBox is made from recycled cardboard. A plastic layer has been applied to this that ensures that the BloomsBox remains waterproof. This is the same principle as with beverage and dairy packs and can therefore also be recycled when separated as plastic waste.
  • The pots around the plants are made of 100% bamboo. The jars can be recycled as paper.
  • The plants themselves come from growers with an MPS-A quality mark. This means that the use of energy and crop protection products is limited to the minimum necessary. The herbs in theherbal version are edible and meet all European standards.
  • The strings with which the plants absorb water are made of 100% cotton. They are stuck in the plants with a wooden stick.
  • To protect the plants in the box during shipping, they are packed in a biodegradable bag.
  • All the paper we use for our communications is made from Paperwise. This paper is made from agricultural waste products. Only green energy is used for the production process. The environmental impact of this paper is therefore 47% lower than that of FSC-certified paper and 29% lower than that of recycled paper.


In this way the BloomsBox becomes a realsustainable business gift. With the BloomsBox we try to have the highest possible impact on people's well-being and the lowest possible (negative) impact on our living environment. We compensate for the (limited) carbon footprint of the BloomsBoxes by planting bamboo in Uganda. This is how we ensure that the BloomsBox is a CO2-neutral gift.


Blooms out of the Box is a member ofCSR Netherlands.