This promotional gift steals the show for months

Many gifts end up in the trash. Rather choose a sustainable BloomsBox.

Promotional gifts are often gadgets that are just as nice. Then it disappears in a cupboard or it breaks and ends up in the container. Shame about the effort and bad for the environment. But how else do you do that??


BloomsBox You are a winnerr”

Duurzaam relatiegeschenk Blooms out of the Box met tekst "Je bent een Topper"

€ 29.95  ex VAT


You give a sustainable green gift with a text of your choice.


BloomsBox with your own logo

Duurzaam relatiegeschenk Blooms out of the Box met logo

€ 29.95  ex VAT


You give a sustainable & green gift with your own logo


A green surprise for employees or business relations

What would you think if the parcel deliverer brings you a wine box with a company logo on it. Exactly, you expect a bottle of wine (and maybe a headache when the bottle is empty). But the boxes that Blooms sends Blooms out of the Box contain something that is healthy and sustainable: plants!!

If you slide the lid of the robust wooden box you will discover 3 air-purifying plants

The box can be transformed into a unique planter with built-in water reservoir in 3 steps. As a result, the plants only need water once a month. Who would have thought that when seeing a wine box?

 BloomsBox duurzaam relatiegeschenk

Show your appreciation for home workers and business associates

  • Many staff members are still working at home because of corona Or do you want to express appreciation to business relations Then now is a good time to put a heart to them.. 

A responsible and sustainable green gift

The BloomsBox is often chosen by companies that consider a sustainable and responsible way of working important. This matches the values of Blooms out of the Box.

To deal with raw materials responsibly, as much as possible is possible in the BloomsBox recycled material processed.

  • It wooden box is FSC certified and has two functions. First, the packaging material is during shipping, then it becomes a unique planter that supplies plants with water for up to 6 weeks.
  • The BloomsBox is CO2 neutral. The paper around the plants is made of vegetable residual material, the coating of the water reservoir is made of recycled cardboard and the plant pots are made of 100% bamboo paper. We compensate for our minimal footprint by planting bamboo in Uganda.
  • Plants purify the (stuffy) office air
    The air-purifying plants in the Bloomsbox provide a 10-20% CO2 reduction, breakdown of unpleasant odors and better humidity. Research also shows that green plants increase the feeling of happiness and concentration and promote creativity.

With a BloomsBox you give a responsible gift to employees or business relations. Moreover, it looks a lot nicer with greenery in the (home) workplace.

Even without green fingers, these plants stay in top shape for a long time

With a BloomsBox you provide a unique experience. From the surprise upon receipt to a robust planter with air-purifying plants that stay fresh and green for months thanks to the built-in water reservoir. You only need to top up water once every 6 weeks, so it's afool proof way to brighten up a (home) workplace.

BloomsBox A heart under the beltm”

Duurzaam relatiegeschenk BloomsBox met luchtzuiverende varens en tekst "Een hart onder de riem"

€ 29.95  ex VAT


You give a sustainable green gift with "a heart under the belt" on it.



Your logo on a BloomsBox That's also possiblek

Would you rather send a BloomsBox with your company logo on it? That's also possible. take it easy Contact to discuss the possibilities and your wishes. We will then make a digital example so that you can see exactly what your BloomsBox will look like.

Erna & Simon


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