Office planting & catering

Due to the smart watering system, Blooms out of the Box is very suitable as planting for the office, and in restaurants and hotels! The advantages of Blooms out of the Box as company planting at a glance:

  • Much less time spent watering your plants, because the water reservoir of the BloomsBox only needs to be topped up once a month.
  • Buy new plants less often because watering once (or two) has been forgotten.
  • Your brand or what you want to propagate is enhanced by your logo or the personal message that you can have engraved on the BloomsBox.
  • A better indoor climate and cleaner air due to the air-purifying effect of the plants.
  • A nicer place to work, dine, sleep or just stay for your employees, relations and guests because of the living green!

The BloomsBox with air-purifying plants can be ordered in 2 sizes: the Medium box (41 x 13 x 13 cm) is very suitable for desks and tables. The Large box (56 x 19 x 19 cm) is a size that works well as a room divider and on the counter.


Have you ever thought about this?

  • A nice idea for you restaurant or lunchroom : the BloomsBox with Italian spices or tea herbs! Place a BloomsBox on every table and your guests can season their lunch or dinner themselves! This BloomsBox is also available including a menu card holder.
  • Bring in your office or restaurant in an instant Christmas atmosphere with the BloomsBoxes with Christmas trees and LED lighting! Available from the end of October, in sizes Medium and Large.
  • If the plants grow out of their Box and it is time for new plants, then you order the plants separately. You simply use the BloomsBox again. Saves on costs, and of course much better for the environment! 
  • Interested in the possibilities for your company We like to think along with you, so feel free to contact us!