A Plant As a Circular Promotional Gift

Surprise your colleagues with an air-purifying and vitalizing box of fresh air. With the BloomsBox you can easily send all your colleagues a boost. You can choose from various texts that we have already engraved on the BloomsBox for you as standard; YOU ARE A TOPPER, A HEART UNDER THE BELT, THANK YOU or one of the other texts.ksten.

Air Purifying Plants Medium € 29.95  (ex VAT.)

We send the mix of 3 air-purifying plants in the wooden BloomsBox, which therefore serves as a shipping packaging and as a plant pot, but also as a water reservoir. This way we use everything as optimally as possible.

✔ No unnecessary packaging material & sustainable appearance
✔ You are visible for a long time with your gift with personal text or your own logo
✔ Quick and easy to arrange
This is how you inspire and appreciate your colleagues with their new green friends!

Do you want to surprise your relations with a BloomsBox? Then have your company logo or message laser engraved on the BloomsBox. This way you will be visible for months. With a BloomsBox you can connect your brand to green vitality for a long time. And the receiver will enjoy the air-purifying plants for a long time to come. 

Voorbeeld van duurzaam relatiegeschenk BloomsBox
 Upload your own logo and immediately see what your BloomsBox would look like.

Personalized and fast
You want to be able to send a gift quickly. That is why you can now order Bloomsboxes with your logo from stock.

That is how it works:

1. We will stock a minimum of 50 BloomsBoxes for you, with your logo or message provided free of charge. You pay 50% of the total costs in advance.
(This construction also has a tax advantage 😊)
2. If you want to send a gift, simply order a BloomsBox from your own stock via the webshop. You now pay the remaining 50% per box ordered. You can also always choose from the standard BloomsBoxes available. So that you can always easily adapt the BloomsBox to the occasion.
3. We have the BloomsBox delivered to your office, or directly to the recipient. If you order before 12:00, we will deliver the next day.

Prefer less boxes
You can build up your own stock with us from as little as 20 BloomsBoxes. In that case, however, we will charge costs for engraving your logo.

Would you like to know more about this offer or build up your own stock immediately? Let us know via::


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