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About us

  • We are Simon Speelman and Erna Ebbinge: the creative founders of Blooms out of the Box. As far as we're concerned, the world of promotional gifts could use a boost. In terms of creativity and sustainability. That is our mission with Blooms out of the Box.

  • The idea for the BloomsBox came about by taking a critical look at the packaging materials used to send flowers. Flowers are of course beautiful but less durable than plants. The rest is history - the BloomsBox is the more sustainable alternative to flowers.

Our story

Make a natural impression

As a social enterprise, we offer the solution for unique, green business gifts that are not only sustainable to give, but also surprisingly beautiful to receive. Sustainable through and through, from the materials to the wide use of the BloomsBox itself: Blooms out of the Box contributes to more greenery and happiness in this world. With a BloomsBox you leave a positive, natural impression.

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Green, healthy and enjoy

With Blooms out of the Box you can enjoy the vitality that green plants have to offer, in combination with a unique patented concept where sustainability and convenience go hand in hand.

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