About us

We are Simon Speelman and Erna Ebbinge. We got the idea for Blooms out of the Box when we thought that it would be great if you send flowers and plants that you can immediately add a pot or vase. Or even better; that you can use the shipping packaging as a pot or vase. This way you don't use extra resources, which are immediately thrown away. And everything has a double function.
We have developed this with Blooms out of the Box:a wooden box that serves as shipping packaging and which is also a robust, watertight pot for the plants. At the same time, it is also a water reservoir, so you don't have to look after your plants for weeks!
With Blooms out of the Box enjoy the vitality that green plants have to offer, combined with the convenience of only watering once a month!
Do you want to know more? Please feel free to contact us.