Shipping policy

To send:

  1. The delivery of orders placed with Blooms out of the Box takes place within the Netherlands via a Dutch courier service, unless otherwise stated. Transport to the address of the recipient is at the expense of the purchaser. The delivery costs of an order are € 5.95 per address (the Netherlands, maximum 4 BloomsBoxes per address). This price is exclusive of VAT.
  2. Specified time deliveries (other than the delivery date) will be observed by Blooms out of the Box as much as possible, however we cannot guarantee exact delivery times.
  3. A delay in the delivery of one working day due to a delay at PostNL does not entitle the orderer to cancel the order.
  4. Blooms out of the Box reserves the right not to execute orders if the buyer has outstanding invoices that have not been paid within the agreed payment term. Blooms out of the Box is not liable for any damage suffered by the customer as a result of this. Blooms out of the Box will inform the orderer about this in good time.
  5. If it turns out that your order has been returned because, for example, the recipient has been discharged from hospital or appears to be on vacation, is not at home or may have moved, this does not entitle you to a new delivery, delivery to a different address, or to ship your order. Cancel. Blooms out of the Box is not responsible for any incorrect address details provided by the orderer. The order will be carried out in accordance with your request, you must ensure that the person is not on vacation, is at home or that the address, zip code or house number is still correct.
  6. The orderer agrees that if the recipient is not at home, the company is closed or does not open. the product will be delivered at a PostNL point or at one of the neighbors if possible.
  7. A delay of 1 or more days in the delivery because the recipient is not at home and as a result the product cannot be delivered (on time) does not give the orderer the right to cancel the order or the right to a new product and/or delivery.
  8. If the beneficiary is not at home and the product is delivered to a PostNL point, the recipient will receive a message in the letterbox. If the product is not collected from the Post NL point within 7 days, the product can be returned or destroyed by Post NL. This does not entitle the orderer and/or the recipient to a new delivery or to cancel the order.