BloomsBox with plants

The BloomsBox is the green business gift that will be well received by every recipient. The special BloomsBox contains a choice of 2 or 3 plants that will give the recipient pleasure for a long time. The BloomsBox with plants is available in 2 sizes:

  1. ifBloomsBox Medium of 27 x 13 x 13 cm with 2 plants
  2. ifBloomsBox Large of 41 x 13 x 13 cm with 3 plants

The BloomsBox is also available in a variant with daffodil balls for a cheerful and colorful spring gift for relations, staff or family. This way you always give a suitable gift to both men and women at any time of the year. This green andcircular business gift everyone wants to receive. Especially in this time of working from home, it is a welcome gift. Plants are also a more sustainable alternative to a bunch of flowers. The recipient will enjoy the Bloomsbox for a long time to come. Send your customers or employees a lasting and sustainable plant gift this time. You will find that they appreciate it. The BloomsBox will put a smile on the face of the recipient at every glance and make the name of the giver come up positively.

A (business) gift with a message

All BloomsBoxes are available with various messages engraved on the Box. Do you want to congratulate someone, thank someone, wish you a speedy recovery, or just show your appreciation? With a BloomsBox you can do that in a very personal, sustainable, healthy and original way! Select the desired engraving from the list. This way you always send a suitable wish to the recipient of this Bloomsbox. This is the choice of engravings::

  • You are awesome
  • Get well soon
  • Thanks
  • Congratulations + houses
  • Congratulations + balloons
  • Blooming Love
  • Courage

The Blooms out of the Box logo is standard engraved at no extra cost. If you want a different engraving, you pay a small additional amount of 1.86 per BloomsBox. You order the BloomsBox from at least 1 piece up to the number you want to order. Do you have a special wish for your promotional gift or the message you want to tell the recipient?n contact us on.


Send a personal card

Would you like to send a personal card with the BloomsBox with plants? Enter your message on the card when ordering in the 'comments' field. We ensure that your message is sent along with the BloomsBox..



5 Products

5 Products